Spicers is committed to environmental stewardship and sustainable business practices

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We are also proud to be accredited to the following organisations:



The Harris Freeman Foundation

As a part of The Harris Tea Company, Spicers supports non-profit entity The Harris Freeman Foundation, an organization dedicated to assisting origin farming and agricultural communities where we source our teas, herbs, and spices.

The Harris Freeman Foundation’s mission is to impact the lives of source farm communities through a multi-pronged approach, with focused commitment to three critical areas:

1. Health and Safety 

2. Educational support for source farm communities through direct financial contributions and development projects 

3. Sustainable production practices with respect for the environment

Find out more about projects in Kotagiri, India, Gia Nghia, Vietnam and beyond by visiting Harris Freeman Foundation.



Sourcing Tea

Spicers’ dedicated tea experts, with over 150 years combined tea buying experience, source teas from some of the most renowned tea producing countries across the globe.  Exceptional quality is one of the key criteria for sourcing tea but equally important is the ethical and sustainable practice of the tea gardens.

We source teas from some of the best gardens in Kenya, Rwanda, Sri Lanka (Ceylon), India and Indonesia. These include the best East of Rift Kenyans, high quality Assam, world famous Darjeeling and very high end Ceylon from the Dimbula region.   

Our endeavor is to work with sustainable and ethical tea farms which help nurture and support the environment and the communities attached to these locations. We are proud to source teas from farms with Rainforest Alliance accreditation which ensures that the workers and farmers who grow and pick the tea enjoy a good quality of life and a sustainable environment. For more information please visit www.rainforest-alliance.org


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Packaging tea

As a part of The Harris Tea Company, we are committed to environmental stewardship and sustainable business practices. Our efforts are focused in four main areas: eliminating waste, reducing energy usage, reducing packaging and increasing usage of renewable energy sources. We are committed to diverting waste from landfills, electricity use reduction and packaging reduction. We offer a range of sustainable packaging solutions which are available on request.