Wonder Drink Kombucha - Promoting Good Gut Health


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Pasteurised, Safe with All the Benefits for Good Gut Health

Our Kombucha brand Wonder Drink Kombucha has entered the UK soft drinks market with three flavours tailored to UK customer preferences; Green Tea & Lemon; Original; Asian Pear & Ginger, available in 250ml aluminium cans, stable enough for ambient storage.

As pioneers of Kombucha for nearly 20 years (origins Portland, Oregon 1999), Wonder Drink Kombucha was one of the first brands to launch the category in the US and despite increased competition, continues to enjoy a staggering 33% growth annually.

Kombucha, the fermented beverage made from brewed tea, sugar and bacteria from a starter culture called SCOBY – Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and yeast - is considered the healthier alternative to other carbonated or high sugar drinks. Category growth predictions are strong, with CATG of 22.1%, and predicted European market sales £180 million by 2023 (source).

However, operational factors such as storage, alongside regulation of live fermented products, are giving some retailers pause. Most of the Kombuchas on the market are raw and unpasteurised which means that they need to go into chilled distribution and can cause storage issues.

The Wonder Drink Kombucha unique and proprietary two-step fermentation process uses standardized bacteria and yeast cultures. After producing the required amounts of organic acids, these starter cultures are inactivated to stop the fermentation process. This allows Wonder Drink Kombucha to guarantee consistent quality and alcohol/sugar compliance, and to produce an ambient product that can be stored anywhere with an 18 mth BBE


“Traditionally the unpasteurised product must be stored chilled, an issue for outlets with limited refrigeration space both on shop floor and storehouse,” explains Lisa Worthington, Commercial Manager, Wonder Drink Kombucha. “We have 20 years’ experience developing Kombucha and have created a shelf-stable product to make it more accessible and easier to store for volume consumption, while still delivering the health benefits of a raw Kombucha and promoting good gut health.”

The Wonder Drink Kombucha brew tastes great chilled, recently spotlighted in a Daily Mail taste test. With a long shelf life of 18 months, in a single flavour case pack of 6, 12 & 24 and mixed cases of 6 & 12, making it versatile and easy to store, without the wastage issues faced by other brands.

Available in 250ml can sizes, Wonder Drink Kombucha is ideal for trial and also easy to travel with. The aluminium cans are recyclable, unlike competitor brands packaged in plastic. Marks & Spencer were quick to snap up listings and with its excellent value, low price point and flexible format, the brand is expected to accelerate UK listings in 2019.



Lisa Worthington